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HoB Guard Code of Conduct

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HoB Guard Code of Conduct

Post by smitsmit on Fri Oct 16 2009, 04:06

The HoB Guard is the NightWatch's newest addition to our Guardian force. This guard monitors activity at the hob, and will work to make bindings more interesting in the city.

1. Patrol the Hob and its permiter on a regular basis biting only humans, eliminate any and all hunters in the area, post reports of any interesting activity there.

2. Displace anyone who is causing troble to others at this location during a binding ceremony, this can include verbal abuse, excessive scrolling while a binding is in progress , or hw/gs attacks. Take a photo of their actions.

3. Hand out flowers to vampires in the HoB square if a binding ceremony is occuring.

4. If you encounter a shop that is not already posted (aviewinthedark.net) add it to the listing.

5. Send telepathic messages to thank vampires whom make large donations.

6. Do whatever else you can to be helpful, (eg: answer questions from other vampires, let them know about the NightWatch) Use your best Judgement!

**If you find you are displaced and do not have enough AP to return, send a telepathic message to MelepomeneGuard to request a summoning to the HoB area.



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