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About Perception

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About Perception

Post by smitsmit on Fri Sep 11 2009, 19:27

Latest update - Apr 4 2005 - Perception

Perception: the Vampire can detect nearby vampire hunters, and hear the sound of clinking coins.

Available at Allurists Guilds (any of them)
Cost: 7500 coins & kill a hunter
*No levels for this power. Once only cost.*

Go to an Allurists Guild

"You have come upon a hidden guild!
Allurists Guild ...
For 7500 coins, you can find out how to learn a degree of PERCEPTION"

Pay coins

"To gain PERCEPTION, you must find and kill a vampire hunter within the next ten days."

When you have killed the hunter, you get this message

"You drink the human's blood. You extracted ... pints of blood.
You feel as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes. Your hearing is sensitized; you hear your own heartbeat, the clink of coins, and the distant sound of an Allurists Guild member speaking her congratulations, knowing you will hear it.
From now on you will be able to tell when a human is a vampire hunter from a distance, and if you hear a vampire's coins clinking that vampire will be highlighted in yellow.
You also found ... coins. Nice."

When you're in the same square as another vampire, their name will be in yellow if they have more than xx coins on them. That way you'll know if it's worth using an action point on robbing them.

You'll always see vampire hunters marked with green, also when they are in another square than yourself. It doesn't mean that they won't shoot you and run if you enter their square though!

- Copied with permission from COVE



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