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About Shadows

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About Shadows

Post by smitsmit on Fri Sep 11 2009, 19:17

The Powers Texts. Volume one.
Scriptsic: Brent Elskan.
Please see the bottom of this text for more info.

|| Power : Shadows. ||
|| - Version: 0.2 - ||

::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Thieve's Guilds
Shadows 1: 1000 coins.
Shadows 2: 2000 coins.
Shadows 3: 4000 coins.

Shadows decreases the number of days it takes for a vampire to
fall into shadow by one for each level. Normal time to fall
into Shadow is 4 days of inactivity.

::: Detailed Description :::

Shadows is the state of being "invisible" on the game board.
A vampire in this state cannot be seen by the "naked eye" as
it were, and yet still can add to the number of pires in a
given square. So, feasibly, a square could be blue/impassable,
yet not show any vampires in it, because they all dropped into

Unfortunately, vampires in this state can still be second-
sighted and Scrolled, but, it saves you from getting robbed or
bitten by the average passer by.
*Previously, Shadows would protect you from being seen on the map, but not from being bitten, robbed or holy-watered if someone knew you were there; you are now immune to these attacks while Lost in Shadows, though not to Scrolls of Turning because they are an area effect.

Coming *out* of shadows requires little or no effort. Simply
log in and move. Do something. Anyhthing that takes AP to do
should bring you out of shadows.

If you go into shadows too long, you can get consumed by them
and your vampire will disappear. Only a vampire with second-sight
can overcome being consumed by shadows.

Getting the power is simple. Go to the guild and pay for it.
The end...

: END OF FILE Copied with permission from COVE



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