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FrozenUlfrick - Charisma 3 [COMPLETE]

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FrozenUlfrick - Charisma 3 [COMPLETE]

Post by Solanea on Fri Apr 10 2015, 02:35

Charisma 3 ...  The Allurists Guild informs you that business near Knotweed and 11th has been slow lately. Persuade 9 prestigious vampires (with at least 500 blood) to visit Archer's Tavern there and tell the bartender "FrozenUlfrick sent me".

Thank you!

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Re: FrozenUlfrick - Charisma 3 [COMPLETE]

Post by Kaleb on Fri Apr 10 2015, 06:10

*Fur covered in blood dripping onto the floor, wagging my tail turning to the barkeep*

"Sorry I am late I had to grab acouple drinks and some meal's first. But anyway, no I am not gonna eat you. FrozenUlfrick sent me!!"

*The barman says "Excellent." A shadowy figure in the corner nods and makes a note.*

"Ok bye I saw some more meals on wheels and I just can't pass up"

*Moving my right pad forward, running out the door so fast leaving a after image behind*

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Re: FrozenUlfrick - Charisma 3 [COMPLETE]

Post by Gizmo on Fri Apr 10 2015, 22:24

The vampire FrozenUlfrick has drunk 10628 pints of blood.
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Re: FrozenUlfrick - Charisma 3 [COMPLETE]

Post by Sponsored content

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